Best Full-Size Coupes On The Market

For big style and performance, as well as pain in the ass parking, you can’t beat a full-size 2-door coupe. We don’t like having to specify the 2-door part but we do now live in a world where 4-door coupe has become a real made up marketing term. The 2-door allows for that real swooping back roofline along with less weight to carry, and that also lends to that sporty look a coupe brings. That doesn’t mean coupe has to be a sports car though, there are many different flavors of coupe, but a larger coupe often means room for a big engine.

A 2+2 seating arrangement means you can move friends and family about if the situation arises, but buying a 2-door generally means you’re not driving the car for others. A big coupe is not going to be cheap, but pick right and its as much a statement of style as a function of performance. These are our favorite big 2-door coupes with a back seat, although how comfortable passengers will be is variable.

Source: CarBuzz

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