Atlantic’s Julie Greenwald: Exec of the Week

Julie Greenwald

And the song, out on Atlantic/Aftermath, has been increasing across the board on all metrics, growing in streams (up 13%), sales (up 138%, aided by CD versions shipped this week) and radio play (up 9%) in the week ending April 11, according to MRC Data. That success has helped Atlantic Records chairman/COO Julie Greenwald earn the title of Billboard’s Executive of the Week.

Here, Greenwald talks about the rollout of “Leave The Door Open,” the decision to release physical versions of the single for fans who love collectibles, the effect of the duo’s splashy Grammy Awards performance and why the song has surged at radio so quickly, reaching No. 2 on the Radio Songs chart this week: “Whether you’re an R&B listener, whether you’re a pop listener, everybody can come to the party because it’s just an incredible song.”

Silk Sonic’s “Leave The Door Open” reached No. 1 on the Hot 100 this week. What key decisions did you make to help make that happen?

The launch of Bruno, he’s not just such a strong vocalist and producer, he’s such a strong visual artist. And I think lining up his campaign where he launched into his song, and then a week later had the Grammys, it was a one-two punch of the single and the video, then all of a sudden you got this second amazing performance that served as another video to show the world that this song and this partnership, this new group, were just so incredible. You haven’t seen a group like this since God knows when. And really making sure that we came out of the gate swinging super hard. We’re firing on all cylinders. Radio’s contributing, the DSP platforms are contributing, the video is contributing — every partner we could ask for is all playing and promoting Silk Sonic. And it’s been incredible. It’s our fourth album with the guy, and this is his eighth No. 1. He doesn’t take it for granted and I don’t take it for granted.

Source: News | Billboard

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