Are 18K Gold Rings Worth Your Money?

Accessories and pieces of jewelry made of gold are exceptional because they don’t tarnish and corrode. Aside from this, gold holds value both in our economy and society.

People wearing gold are regarded as smart and fashionable. Such fashion detail can tell a lot about the person wearing them. In jewelry-making, gold is deemed the most important metal because of its scarcity and association with status. 

Modern Gold Rings

To complete an outfit, you can pick a fashion accessory that will suit you well. Rings are small details you have to pay attention to. Even the tiniest items can influence the overall look you want to project.

Now, gold rings are mostly used as engagement rings and wedding bands. Many would think that these rings are made of pure gold. The misconception will be over now since we will be talking about the purity of gold in rings.

Basically, pure gold is soft and gets easily scratched, which is why it’s not recommended to be used in earrings, necklaces, and rings. Whenever it gets in contact with a hard surface, it will get deformed so easily. 

In terms of color, gold comes in few variations. The most common gold colors are yellow gold, white gold, and rose gold. Each color serves different features and combinations of metals.

Purity of Gold

To make gold accessories sturdy, other metals are mixed with them. The purity of gold is expressed in K (Karats). For instance, 24K gold is pure gold since 24 out of the 24 parts are tested to contain gold. 

Another variation is the 18K gold. Basically, its 18 parts are pure gold, while the other six parts consist of other metals. The complementary metals could be copper, nickel, palladium, and zinc, depending on the desired gold color. In percentage, 18K gold is 75% gold. 

On the other side, 14K gold is 14 parts pure gold and ten parts other metal. In percentage, it’s 5.3% pure gold. 

However, remember that a lower value of carat means greater longevity of the gold accessory. Of course, 24K gold is more expensive than the other two, but it’s considered the softest among them. 

18K Gold Rings and Its Edge

14K and 18K gold rings are in close competition when it comes to engagement and band rings. Many would prefer buying these two since jewelers recommend them. 

Well, 14K gold is indeed cheap compared to 18K gold. However, if we’re going to compare these two’s appearance, there will be a palpable difference in aesthetic appeal. 

The 14K gold has lesser charms even though it has a fairly rich color. Because it has a low purity level, there’s no wonder why an 18K diamond is more captivating than it. 

Since an 18K gold has a higher purity level, it’s also less likely to trigger dermatitis and other possible allergic reactions.

Meanwhile, pure gold’s physical properties have something to do as to why it is undervalued in jewelry-making. It’s naturally soft and gets crooked easily. 

Besides, a 24K gold has an almost orange color. It’s extremely bright, so it’ll look too conspicuous. With its appearance, many people will prefer 18K gold rings over pure gold. It comes in three colors, depending on the added alloy materials.

Disadvantages of 18K Gold Ring

While its purity is one of its greatest advantages, it’s also undeniable that it’s a weak spot too.  Because it has a high percentage of gold content, it is way softer than a 14K gold, making it vulnerable to dents and scratches.

If the one you’re proposing to is someone who has an active lifestyle, then an 18K gold ring is not the best option for you. However, if the wearer only does light tasks like paperwork at the office, an 18K gold ring is the ultimate choice.

Also, 18K gold is more expensive than 14K gold. Its price is estimated to be double the 14K gold’s worth. 

Is an 18K Gold Ring Worth It?

If you’re after the gold ring’s durability and purity, an 18K gold is the best option for you. Keep in mind that this type of ring gets easily scratched compared to other types with lower purity levels, so the wearer should be cautious when wearing it.

As already mentioned, the 18K gold ring is more hypoallergenic than the 14K gold, so it’s prescribed if the wearer has allergic reactions to nickel.

18K gold ring is the purest gold you can purchase in the market without fragility issues. 

Where to Purchase 18K Gold Rings?

You have different options in purchasing an 18K gold ring. This item is available in the local jewelry store, malls, and online shops. The easiest way is to order through an official website. If you have already noted the ring size, you can get the price at a 30% discount since you’re getting it from the manufacturer. 

If you want a lower price, you can decide to purchase a preowned ring through a pawn shop. The cost of the ring could be as low as 20-30% of its original value. Since the item is pre-owned, don’t forget to check the hallmark to verify its purity.


The real value of an 18K gold ring is undeterminable. Factors like brand name, gemstones, and ring’s model affect its price in the market. Regardless of its price tag, an 18K gold ring is always a worthy purchase you should have. 

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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