Another Republican Bites The Dust, As GOP Congressman To Be Indicted For Lying To The FBI

Rep. Jeff Fortenberry (R-NE) is expected to be indicted for lying to the FBI about accepting illegal foreign campaign contributions.

Video of Fortenberry sitting in a pickup truck with his wife and dog telling supporters that he expects to be indicted:

Fortenberry claimed in the video that he was only trying to help the FBI, and didn’t realize that he was being investigated, which seems a little hard to believe.

Rep. Eric Swalwell helped the FBI when he reported being targeted by the Chinese, and he didn’t get into any trouble, because he didn’t lie.

The problem that Rep. Fortenberry glossed over in his video is that he LIED TO THE FBI.

Axios reported that the Nebraska Congressman was one of many House Republicans who received illegal contributions in 2016, “Fortenberry was one of a number of congressional Republicans who received what authorities said were illegal contributions in 2016 from a Lebanese-Nigerian billionaire.”

Republicans Can’t Get Away With Lying To Federal Law Enforcement Anymore.

With Trump in office, Republicans felt protected and lied to federal law enforcement, congressional committees, and anyone else who tried to investigate them. Trump’s compulsive lying has been fused into the identity of the Republican Party.

Under President Biden, the DOJ has returned to working for the people instead of the president. Republicans are going to be held accountable for their crimes.

Fortenberry has gone full MAGA and accused Democrats of a political attack to take him out, but he created the criminal charges himself, by choosing to lie to the FBI.

Another Republican thought that he was above the law, and is about to pay the price.



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