Andy Reid, without any hesitation, compared the Chiefs to food

Andy Reid compared this year’s Kansas City Chiefs team to food because, of course, he did.

Andy Reid is a big fan of how this year’s Kansas City Chiefs team is coming together, and red meat.

The noted cheeseburger enthusiast and barbecue connoisseur is apparently a massive fan of prime rib. How do we know this? Well, he just compared a second football team he has coached to the food. For Reid to compare a team to prime rib, he must really love the entree. Big Red and his undying love for red meat is unlike anything in the NFL.

Never change, Coach Reid. Never change.

Andy Reid compares the 2021 Kansas City Chiefs to his undying love of prime rib

While most people would consider steak to be the creme de la creme of all the red meats, prime rib is the chief red meat in Big Red’s meat kingdom. Some people may think prime rib is gross and should be thrown in the trash instead of consumed (including yours truly), let’s not yuck Reid’s yum. If prime rib is the apple of his carnivorous eye, then by all meats, go eat some prime rib!

Ultimately, we have to appreciate Coach Reid getting ultra sophisticated on us by holding prime rib in the highest of regards. To him, prime rib is as good, if not better, than filet mignon and a lobster tail. Though prime rib may not be an edible option for some humans, for others, it is better than the fanciest of cheeseburgers you could ever order at any fast casual restaurant establishment.

Coach Reid looking at his team like it’s a piece of meat means he’s hungry for another Super Bowl.

Source: FanSided

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