Android vs. iOS – Which is better?

Probably everyone who has ever had a smartphone wondered which operating system is better, Android, or rather Apple’s iOS? It is not our intention to judge any of the operations, as both are very different from the other and both have their advantages and disadvantages. We have collected these based on the most important aspects.

User interface

The interfaces of both operating systems are customizable and fast and work well enough. Notifications are easy to manage, with key settings easily accessible. The biggest difference, however, is that Android devices are extremely diverse, and within these, individual versions can vary greatly. This is because individual manufacturers can modify the operating system themselves, so unfortunately we can’t talk about a universal Android experience, as there can be a lot of variations of it. Android phones are also very different from each other and greatly determine how the system works and the type of device.

On an average, less powerful phone, you can expect a lot of slowdowns or even freezes. In addition, an additional disadvantage of Android devices is that for many phones, the Android version can be extremely outdated, as updates to cheaper phones often fail to appear. Thus, they can also pose a safety risk. So for a high-end Android or mid-range phone, the Android experience is significantly better than for a cheap device. Interestingly, the latest Nokia devices, which used to run mainly on Windows, have the so-called It uses an Android One system that is completely “clean”, meaning free from all kinds of manufacturer modifications and unnecessary applications, and therefore may even be able to perform better.


The second most important consideration is the quantity and quality of applications available. IOS apps run on a closed source platform, which means developers aren’t as free to customize how their app works with different features. While this limits application development, it also has the advantage of resulting in higher-quality applications. That’s why many apps first appear on iOS and only then on Android. But certain features like gadgets were firstly introduced on Android, the iOs devices have caught up only some years after. 

However, when it comes to online browsing they are equally good. Both systems can run Google Chrome which is the king of browsers and every application that has its own website can be used there. I’m talking about sites like Facebook, Youtube, Reddit, or even news platforms or online magazines. But if we go further we can observe that even some online games like Book of Ra 10 can be used in a browser.

The advantage of Android applications is that they can take advantage of the features of the operating system in an almost infinite way, making them highly customizable. However, the disadvantage of this is that these applications are more likely to crash, to stop unexpectedly. 


 Apple devices are definitely losing out here. The iPhone 7 Plus has a 2900 mAh battery. Its large display is obviously not enough. On average, one day is enough with an iPhone, and with intense games and Internet use, battery life is halved.

Place the batteries in the larger tank on your Android family of smartphones – 3500-4000 mAh. Some models place 5,000 mAh. The usage time increases but is 15-20%.


 Android smartphones have a large number of diagonals. The sizes are right for anyone. It also produced tools and side bends and frames. Many people already look like the answer, which makes them attractive to customers. Apple has fewer diagonal size choices. In this regard, only the tenth of the iPhone has increased diagonally. 

Also, the iPhones can’t properly display 1080p videos. The iPhone 11 has only 1792 × 828 display resolution, but due to their technology and proper GHz, you can’t even tell the difference. Both of the OS’s are giving almost the same user experience. However, Android phones can be more detailed.

Accessories and spare parts

 The add-ons and accessories are usually sold in parallel. The case and glass are available for almost all models. The Gadget model is written on the included box, so searching isn’t hard. But still, when you buy it, you should try the phone case because it may cause confusion in the models and rooms.

Apple releases several accessories that aren’t hard to find in any specialty store. It is easy to find in the service center on iPhones and smartphones. But if the model is too old, difficulties can arise. 

Samsung galaxy android

However, with the newest trends, the iPhones get fewer and fewer items in the box under the ‘environmental Protection’ name. Compared to older iPhones where you got a case, a charging dock, headphones, charger, now all you get is a charging cable next to the phone. So because of the loyalty that Android phones show up by giving us more accessories in the box this round goes to Android.

Camera and speakers

 Everyone agrees that Apple devices have excellent cameras especially the latest models. Even with the same resolution, like 15 megapixels, it will be better on the iPhone. This applies to both the anterior and standard chambers.

Apple iPhone 8 Plus Silver

Not just because of the hardware in the camera but because of the software behind it. Everyone can recognize an iPhone picture that was taken in the dark. It might be noisy, but all the elements are clear on it. That’s why it processes the information differently. Also, some android phone has an integrated AI system in the camera. And instead of improving the image, it sometimes thinks it’s smarter than us and ruined the photo with over-exposed parts, messing up the color grading, and so on.

And as for the speakers the iPhones have a dual speaker system that gives us a fuller experience. Some Android phones have that as well, but not all of them. So when it comes to speakers the Apple products have an overall better system.


Apple’s operating system is only available on iPhones (and iPads), which are known to have extremely high prices, in return for which Apple promises to be a truly premium experience for users. Nor can it be said, however, that Android was only made for low-quality, low-cost phones. In addition to being available on both cheaper phones and high-end devices, it has the great advantage of being extremely easy to customize and easy to use. As a result, Android has gained a huge market share at the expense of Apple, and with more and more useful features in newer versions, it can win more masses for itself.

Source: Upscale Living Magazine

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