Americans Demand Socialism As 83% Want The Government To Negotiate Lower Drug Prices

The Republican idea that the government negotiating drug prices is socialism collapsed after a new poll showed that 83% of Americans want the government to lower drug prices.

Americans Overwhelmingly Want Lower Drug Prices

According to a new Kaiser Family Foundation Health Tracking Poll:

Initially, 83% of the public say they favor allowing the federal government to negotiate with drug companies to lower drug prices on behalf of people enrolled in Medicare beneficiaries and private plans. This includes 91% of Democrats, 85% of independents, and 76% of Republicans, as well as majorities of seniors (84%), who would be most affected by such a provision.


When asked specifically about each argument, most (84%) of the public, including three-quarters (78%) of Republicans, say the argument in favor – “this is needed because Americans pay higher prices than people in other countries, many can’t afford their prescriptions, and drug company profits are too high” – is convincing.

On the other side, a third (33%) say the argument against – “this would have the government too involved and will lead to fewer new drugs being available in the future” – is convincing. This includes nearly half (45%) of Republicans.

Even Among Republicans, The Build Back Better Is Socialism Argument Is Not Working.

Perhaps, it is the fact that Republicans have been calling every Democratic idea on healthcare socialism for decades that has caused the argument to wear thin, but a more logical explanation is that socialism threat doesn’t scare anyone as much as the fact that Americans are paying way too much for prescription medications.

The Democratic plan on prescription drugs is the opposition of socialism. It is the use of the free market to lower prescription drug costs.

Democrats are closing in on an agreement on the Build Back Better agenda, and as they look to trim costs, one of the areas that they better not touch is negotiating lower prescription drug costs, because at least on this issue, Americans want their “socialism.”



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