All The 2020 Voter Fraud In PA Was Committed By Trump Supporters

Lt. Governor and US Senate candidate John Fetterman (D-PA) noted that all of the voter fraud in the state was committed by Trump supporters.


Fetterman said on MSNBC’s Velshi:

The grand irony in all of this, of course, is that the voter fraud that we did have in Pennsylvania was all Republicans voting, having their dead relatives vote for Donald Trump. 

And the bottom line is simply this. And here’s another fact is that Republicans that I talk to in Pennsylvaniadon’t believe there was any election fraud. I mean, of course, there’s a segment of people — if you’re already following or listening to a dude that sells pillows on TV, you know, you’re kind of beyond reaching. But Republicans don’t want to run on this in ’22. They may be forced to, but Senator Mastriano is just sending out love letters to the former president in the hopes of getting his endorsement to run. That would be a good thing for Democrats in Pennsylvania because he would get — we’d mop the floor with him. 

There Were Less Than 10 Cases Of Voter Fraud In PA All Committed By Trump Supporters

Fetterman was correct. All of the found cases of voter fraud in the state have involved supporters that Trump directed using dead relatives to cast votes for the now-former president.

In January of 2021, Fetterman pointed out that it was Trump who potentially committed election fraud in Pennsylvania, just like he is accused of in Georgia and Arizona.

The only fraud committed in Pennsylvania was carried out by Trump and his supporters. If there is an investigation into election fraud in the state, Donald Trump should be the target.


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