Alicia Silverstone Reenacts Clueless Scene With Son for TikTok

Alicia Silverstone has finally joined TikTok and we’re totally buggin’—in a good way!

The 44-year-old actress may have been tardy to join the platform, but she’s here now and she brought someone special to make her first video truly iconic. The actress enlisted the help of her 10-year-old son Bear Blu Jarecki to reenact a classic moment from Clueless, the 1995 movie that made her famous.

In the original scene, her character, Cher Horowitz, wears her now-trademark yellow plaid blazer and matching kilt miniskirt as she walks on her high school campus and surveys the male population. She then gets ambushed by a random obnoxious male student, prompting her to shove him away and shout, “Ew! Get off of me! Ugh! As if!”

In the actress’ TikTok, Alicia sports Cher’s blazer, but unlike in the cult teen comedy film, she and her son conclude their interaction with a sweet hug.

She captioned the post, “Ugh! As if… I wouldn’t join TikTok. #Clueless #AsIf.”

The video, which was also posted on her Instagram page, is set to No Doubt‘s breakout 1995 single “Just a Girl,” one of the most popular songs of the era, although it was released two months after Clueless hit theaters.

Source: E! Online (US) – Top Stories

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