Alex Jones Sues The 1/6 Committee To Hide Incriminating Documents

Conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is suing the 1/6 Committee to prevent them from getting documents.

NPR reported:

In the lawsuit filed on Monday, Jones said he was subpoenaed in November by the House Select Committee to provide documents and testimony about his role regarding the Capitol insurrection.

“The Select Committee has requested countless documents that Jones possesses for various subjects including about his participation in legally permitted protests in Washington, D.C., financial transactions pertaining to those protests, and documents sufficient to determine how he promoted the protests,” the suit says.

“Through counsel, Jones has raised a number of constitutional objections to both the deposition subpoena and the document subpoena,” it says.

1/6 Committee Targets Are Filing Bogus Lawsuits To Slow Down The Investigation

Alex Jones is likely to lose in court because he has filed a lawsuit that is based on the same argument that Donald Trump has failed in court with multiple times. The “constitutional objections” that the lawsuits all bring up center around claims of the committee not having a legitimate purpose or technically challenging the legitimacy of the committee.

The problem for Alex Jones and all of the other Trumpers who tried this stunt is that multiple courts have already shot this argument down.

The courts have ruled that the 1/6 Committee is constitutionally entitled to investigate an attack on the Capitol.

Jones, just like Mark Meadows, has no prayer in court, and even worse for the Trump co-conspirators, the courts have been mowing through and knocking down these lawsuits quickly.


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