Alex Cora’s Twitter activity after Red Sox shorthanded loss speaks volumes

Red Sox manager Alex Cora said all the right things after Tanner Houck’s absence led to Boston blowing a ninth-inning lead to the Blue Jays.

Houck could not travel to Canada for the game due to his COVID-19 vaccination status. While the Boston closer was previously quoted as saying he would do whatever it takes to help his team win, that does not include a medical procedure.

Instead, Houck has held firm on that personal choice, along with Chris Sale and several other members of the Red Sox. It could come back to haunt Boston, of course, given they’re on a postseason collision course with the Jays. If the season ended today, the Sox would travel to Toronto for that series.

While Cora did not take any shots postgame, his social media activity has made it very clear how he feels regarding the COVID-19 vaccine.

Cora retweeted the following report, which mentions 17 more deaths from COVID-19 in Puerto Rico.

The timing of this retweet is suspect, but just like Houck and Co., Cora had a personal choice and he chose to get the vaccine, thus believing in the potentially life-saving treatment, in some cases.

Red Sox must rebound from Tuesday night’s tough loss

Boston lost its first two games in Toronto, which doesn’t bode well for a team that is likely to be forced to play shorthanded there all season. Taking the final matchup on Wednesday would help end the brief roadtrip on a positive note.

A sweep, meanwhile, would confirm what many have suspected — this Boston team is flawed enough when healthy, let alone minus a few of their best players at key positions. The Sox bullpen could use some fortifying at the deadline. Without Houck, they lack back-end options.

Source: FanSided

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