After Covid-19 Vaccine, Baby Boomers Grapple With What Activities to Resume

The day Lisa Diaz got her second shot of the Covid-19 vaccine, she rebooked a long-delayed trip to Ireland for the fall.

The 69-year-old retired government official, who spends part of the year in Deerfield Beach, Fla., said her overall anxieties about contracting Covid-19 have been eased. But when a friend recently invited her to a happy hour at a place where people don’t really social distance and not everyone wears a mask, her answer was swift.

“I said, ‘Pick a different place,’” recalled Ms. Diaz. “I won’t go into a really crowded place where people are unmasked. I like the odds in my favor.”

Across the country, more baby boomers and older Americans are facing a whole new set of choices after nearly a year of vigilance and restrictions on daily life as they become some of the first in the country to be fully vaccinated against the novel coronavirus.

Like Ms. Diaz, some have said travel—almost anywhere—is on the horizon. But decisions about other activities and social engagements remain as convoluted as before for many.

Source: WSJ – US News

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