Aaron Rodgers defines greatness in best way possible

Aaron Rodgers’ definition of success is a little different than yours.

Rodgers is as motivated as ever after losing his second straight NFC Championship Game. If there were ever a time to lose interest, we wouldn’t blame him for doing so now — the Super Bowl champ just got engaged, and remains under contract for two more years. He’s set for the long-term, and after that might consider life after football. It’s a challenge all gridiron greats eventually must come to terms with.

Yet, perhaps Rodgers is already there. In an Instagram Live interview he discussed all things Packers, and his off-field life. Rodgers is ready to be a dad, for one. But that’s not a short-term goal just yet. Instead, the 37-year-old is thinking more general.

“We have to have something inside us that drives us,” Rodgers said. “I think there’s a competitive drive for excellence that every successful person has, and success to me isn’t about money or status. Success is about doing your absolute best and being comfortable looking in the mirror, going to sleep at night knowing you did your absolute best. That’s true success.”

If anyone is qualified to speak on success in their field, it’s 2020 NFL MVP Aaron Rodgers

While Rodgers’ recent postseason numbers have some room for improvement, his regular season stats are impeccable, especially given the Packers approach last offseason. Green Bay selected Jordan Love in the first round, and failed to provide much help for their aging quarterback.

Rather than backing down and regressing to the mean like most quarterbacks do in their late 30’s, Rodgers took his above sentiment to heart, redefining his own success and career. Suddenly, Rodgers looks like he has a solid half-decade left in him, should he choose.

Source: FanSided

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