Aaron Rodgers comments on promises Packers made him about his future

Aaron Rodgers clarified a few things that had been reported about his future with the Packers during his first press conference at training camp. 

When Aaron Rodgers showed up to Green Bay Packers training camp this week, it was entirely unlike the 15 other times he’s done it in his carer.

No one knew if Rodgers was actually going to show up, so when he arrived earlier this week it was the first sigh of relief that Packers fans had breathed all offseason long. The honeymoon was short-lived, however, as Rodgers took to the podium on Wednesday and was once again chumming the waters.

Rodgers spoke to the media — at length — on Wednesday and gave a warts-and-all account of his offseason. He also clarified a few things that have been reported in the last 72 hours about the conditions of his return to the Packers and what has and hasn’t been agreed upon or promised.

Aaron Rodgers comments on what will happen after 2021 season

One of the biggest questions everyone has is just what in the hell is going on with Rodgers’ contract? It had been widely reported that the Packers made promises to void the last two years of his contract and set Rodgers up to choose where he plays next, but no official contract updates have been made.

Rodgers went as far as to shoot down the notion that he was granted the ability to choose where he plays after the 2021 season ends.

This was a pretty massive concession that the Packers reportedly made, but it sounds like it was never discussed at all.

Aaron Rodgers contract details

No one knows what the deal is between Rodgers and the Packers, but it sounds like things are still getting ironed out. The idea that Rodgers was going to skip training camp and hold out always seemed a little fishy, but his return to the Packers after such wide reports of concessions being made by the Packers doesn’t seem like a coicidence.

Green Bay might not be able to circumvent certain legalities of Rodgers’ contract to make promises now, which may prevent either side from acknowledging any handshake agreements. But if one thing is clear it’s that the Packers and Rodgers avoided a messy divorce and have set themselves up for a much softer landing to however things are going to end.


Source: FanSided

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