Aaron Rodgers breaks silence on Packers drama at Kentucky Derby

Aaron Rodgers broke his silence regarding his current saga with the Packers while attending Saturday’s Kentucky Derby.

Aaron Rodgers was at the center of attention during the NFL Draft and it appears he will also take up some focus Saturday during the Kentucky Derby.

The Green Bay Packers quarterback is attending the event and NBC’s Mike Tirico tried to talk with him about this bizarre saga that reportedly involves Rodgers wanting out of his only NFL home. Rodgers did not speak to the media on camera, but Tirico offered a small quote from his brief interaction.

Aaron Rodgers shares views on current Packers drama

So here we have Rodgers expressing how much he loves Green Bay’s fans and the franchise itself. However, a report did drop Saturday saying Rodgers wants GM Brian Gutekunst fired. It would appear the love in Green Bay only goes so far.

The heart of the issue is the GM using a first-round pick on quarterback Jordan Love in 2020. Rodgers also reportedly wants an extension, but drafting Love changed the whole long-term outlook of the franchise.

Someone close to Rodgers is leaking out certain information and there has to be some truth behind it if the quarterback isn’t vehemently denying anything. He may just be upset if it comes off like he hates the Packers as an institution. In reality, it is a battle between quarterback and GM.

Rodgers now gets to enjoy the Kentucky Derby while Packers management finishes the draft and also figures out what to do with their franchise quarterback who just won the NFL MVP award.

Having Love in place should mean he is seen as the quarterback of the future, the same way Rodgers was when the team had an ugly split with Brett Favre. Only Favre didn’t have the chance to become a full-time host of a game show as a new possibility.

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