Aaron Jones using new contract to make sizable donations

Packers running back Aaron Jones will provide a sizable amount of his newfound wealth to help those in need.

The Green Bay Packers decided to “pay the man” by signing Aaron Jones to a four-year, $48 million deal on Sunday. He remained patient and it paid off with this deal worth $12 million annually.

Jones has done great work on the field but is also known for his work off the field. He and his twin brother, Alvin, run a charity called A&A All The Way. The newly paid Packers offensive star is now committing to some sizable charitable donations on an annual basis to help those in need.

Aaron Jones plans to make sizable annual donations

A&A All The Way has the following as its mission statement, as shared on the charity’s website.

“A&A All The Way Foundation is dedicated to making an impact in the lives of our nation’s youth through charitable giving and action. The foundation actively executes events that inspire, educate, and promote unity and diversity across multiple communities.”

Jones is now committing a minimum of $50,000 per year in matching donations. This is a great pledge and could result in teammates and fellow NFL players donating to help this great cause.

A player like Jones is a star to Packers fans who love watching him on the field. To others, he provides positivity that has nothing to do with the game of football. What he does off the field is arguably more important than anything else.

On the field, Jones is back after a 1,100-yard season on the ground in 2020. He also had 355 receiving yards and served as a great counterpart to the NFL MVP in Aaron Rodgers. The fact he signed a new contract and immediately pledged so much money to charity proves why he is so valued in Green Bay.

Source: FanSided

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