Aaron Boone ejected for arguing calls on Giancarlo Stanton

Yankees manager Aaron Boone got thrown out against the Red Sox on Sunday after arguing some questionable strikes thrown to Giancarlo Stanton.

Aaron Boone got heated during Sunday night’s Red Sox-Yankees clash. Then he got sent to the showers.

The Yankees manager gave the umpires a piece of his mind after Giancarlo Stanton was struck out looking at the top of the seventh.

His tirade was not met well by the umps at all.

Aaron Boone was ejected for arguing strikes and balls

It seems that Boone had a point. The strike that ended Stanton’s at-bat definitely looked outside the strike zone. There was another called strike that looked pretty questionable as well.

Sometimes a manager getting tossed can fire up a team and spur them on to victory. Boone’s absence seemed to have the opposite effect on the Yankees. They trailed 7-6 at the time of his ejection. The Red Sox scored four runs in the bottom of the seventh.

Source: FanSided

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