A 1/6 Probe Will Hurt Republicans

Sen. Pat Toomey (R-PA) said that the 1/6 investigation politically helps Democrats, which can only mean that Republicans will look bad.


Toomey said on CNN’s State Of The Union:

I think people do want to get to the bottom of it. Yes, I did support the senate version of a commission that would have been genuinely and truly bipartisan, both in its composition of members and staff, which I think is important. This exercise in the House was not meant to be that. Look, here is the bottom line, Jake. We have a lot of investigations under way now. 

There are Senate committees that have completed some. There are others still in progress. We have many criminal investigations. I would favor a truly bipartisan commission, but I think we should be candid about the fact that it is politically to the advantage ofDemocratsto try to keep this issue in the forefront. James Carville has been very candid about this. He has urgedDemocrats, don’t let the election be about Joe Biden and his policies in 2022. Make that election about January 6th and Donald Trump. So, it’s very clear that Democratshave an incentive to try to drive a political message here, and a purely partisan commission in the House is probably going to do that. 

An investigation into the Capitol attack would be a problem for Republicans only if they did something wrong. If Republicans were innocent and didn’t conspire with the insurrectionists to overthrow the government, they have nothing to worry about.

Republicans are terrified of the 1/6 investigation because it is likely to reveal that a number of Republicans in Congress were at least supportive if not involved in the attack.

An investigation into 1/6 should not benefit anyone, but Toomey’s comments are a red flag that explains why Republicans are so scared.



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