30 best college football coaches of all time, ranked

Statue of Head Coach Nick Saban. (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Ranking the 30 best college football coaches of all time.

In no other place in sports is the head coach as important than in college football. The sport is derived by coaching. There isn’t a lot of reactionary thinking like there is in basketball or hockey. There isn’t on-field communication like there is in soccer and baseball. Football is controlled by the opposing coaching staff on every single play.

On top of that, college coaches are in charge of recruiting, so they are responsible for the talent level on the team. It just changes the focus of every program. College coaches are recruiting players in the middle of the season. While some coaches in professional leagues can focus on the game only, college coaches never stop recruiting and they never have an offseason.

The best coaches of all time stand above the rest. Some had a short stint in college before going to the NFL, but their impact was felt for decades to come. Others stayed with programs for decades and left an impossible legacy to fulfill.

There’s something different about college football coaches. College sports in general bring a feeling of fulfillment that professional sports don’t. The community is different. It feels like it truly is “we” when talking about our college teams. Whether you went to the school or grew up in the area, the college team is just more important. That’s why when a great football coach comes along, the feeling of pride is that much better. So which are the best to ever grace the sidelines?

Source: FanSided

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