3 things we learned from Kiefer Crosbie at Bellator 263 media day

Kiefer Crosbie sat down with members of the media ahead of his bout at Bellator 263

Kiefer Crosbie is looking to reverse the momentum of his October 2020 loss via doctor stoppage at Bellator Milan. The 31-year-old Irishman looked focused and excited to get back into a cage following nine months away from the sport.

Crosbie spoke to the members of the media for nearly 25 minutes about his mindset going into the fight and just how he prepares for a fight of this magnitude. Here are the three things we learned from his Bellator 263 media scrum.

1. He doesn’t watch tape on his opponents and neither do his coaches

“I haven’t watched one bit of footage. I haven’t watched any, to be honest.” This isn’t that shocking coming from a young fighter like Crosbie, some guys just have their routines, and watching the greatest hits of their veteran opponents just isn’t something that falls very high on the list of things they want to do. What was truly surprising was his response when the follow-up was asked about what his coaches have seen in the footage and shared with him.

“They just focus on me,” He says with a shrug, “They know me too well. I’ve been in this situation so many times that I’ve had pull-outs, I’ve had changes of opponents, I’ve had last-minute pull-outs, I’ve weighed in and the opponent has changed. I’ve realized over my career that anything can happen. He could pull out today and then what? I’ve been studying him for ten weeks and I’ve been focused on him with sparring partners to replicate him and now I’m fighting a 6’2 southpaw Thai boxer or something and it’s- I don’t give a shit, to be honest. He can do whatever he wants to do. I’m focused on me and that’s it. All it is is self-defense. If I’m walking down the street and someone attacks me I’m not going to say, ‘Wait! Hold on! Are you a black belt in jiu-jitsu? Are you a southpaw? Can I get a few minutes to study some tape?’ No. I’m going to fight and I’m going to defend myself.”

2. He has gone into this camp with the mindset of a soldier who’s been deployed

While Crosbie doesn’t watch tape on his opponent that doesn’t mean that the weeks leading up to a fight are just a walk in the park for him. He says that he focuses on the mental aspect of fighting just as much as the physical. The Dublin native also says he has the mindset of a soldier going into this fight,

“I’m in military mode at the minute. I’ve been looking up videos and documentaries of soldiers and the military and how they go abroad and fight wars. When you see these videos of soldiers coming back into the airport, they see their kids for the first time in a year and a half or twelve months after fighting in a war its crazy to look at that. We’re lucky that we don’t have to do that they’re going halfway across the world and fighting wars in the trenches and leaving their family- but they’re fighting those wars for their family and I feel like I’m doing the same over here. I had to come over to America early, focus on myself and be selfish.”

3. He doesn’t hold fight camps. At least in the traditional sense

California-based rapper Suga Free once said, “If you stay ready, You ain’t got to get ready.”

Crosbie takes those words to heart even if he hasn’t heard the song before. When asked how it was to enter camp in the United States versus in his native Ireland he was quick to correct the premise of the question.

“No I came here only two weeks ago, to be honest, I went to Conor [McGregor] fight and then I floated up to Kansas to my friend James Gallagher and did a bit of training with James Krause and his boys up at Glory, which is a great gym with great people. But I don’t do camps, to be honest, I just do a bit of training. Then when they organize a fight I ramp it up.”

Bellator 263 takes place on July 31, 2021, live from Forum in Los Angeles, CA. Follow along with FanSided who is cageside for all your live news and highlights.

Source: FanSided

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