3 Chiefs who played their way onto the final roster

Wide receiver Jody Fortson of the Kansas City Chiefs. (Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

The Chiefs will have to make a few hard decisions on the August 31 deadline to trim the roster to 53 players, but these three players improved their chances.

The preseason has come under fire by players, coaches, and even fans in recent years due to the plethora of injuries that occur and additional wear and tear on players’ bodies. The silver lining that remains, however, is that for a lot of players, this is their only chance to showcase their abilities.

The Chiefs’ fringe-roster talent have been impressive, both in camp and in the preseason, which is a big reason why the team went undefeated in their three preseason games.

While they will have to make tough decisions, there have been players who stood out and improved their chances.

These three players have played their way onto the Chiefs’ 53-man roster.

Jody Fortson, Tight End

Fortson has been the preseason darling for the Kansas City Chiefs since they signed him as an undrafted free agent in 2019. He’s had several highlight plays and connections with Patrick Mahomes that have gotten Chiefs fans hyped.

He’s failed to make the roster the past two seasons — not because of his individual talent, but because the Chiefs are one of the deepest teams in the NFL. To make this team is an impressive feat on its own.

This season appears to be different for Fortson, as he’s made the transition from wide receiver to tight end and has improved his special teams play.

“Jody (Fortson) is setting himself up well,” Chiefs’ special teams coach Dave Toub noted. “No surprises, but I was just happy to see Jody with as hard as he worked in the offseason to be able to show it on the field as a hold-up guy, blocker and cover guy, physical. It’s good to see.”

During Andy Reid’s tenure in Kansas City, Toub has always had a good amount of pull in deciding on the final few players who make the team. If you can be a productive special teams player, it greatly increases your chances to make the team.

Along with a notable connection with Mahomes during training camp, Fortson has been a solid contributor on special teams. This might finally be the year that he makes this roster.

Source: FanSided

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