27 Inventing Anna Behind The Scenes Facts

“General meetings are usually pretty straightforward and involve just getting to know each other, so you typically don’t have to prepare much, which is nice. So, this was a general, but there was a script, which was cool. I read the script on the plane and I was like, Oh god, this is really good. Then, I was like, Oh, I hope they didn’t already find the lady for this because I loved it, Anna explained.

“I was sitting there thinking the role wasn’t available and it was just to showcase what Shonda was up to. So, I met Shonda and Betsy Beers and it was wonderful. Then, Shonda asked me what I thought of the script and I don’t think I had even finished it at the time. I was just crazy about her approach to this type of story. We both dished about how much we love limited series and by the end I knew I wanted to work for Shonda and specifically on this project. Then, I found out they wanted me for it too. I love to act, so if you give me a chance to, I will do my best.”

Source: BuzzFeed – Celebrity

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