2021 MLB Season Will Likely Be A Rerun

2021 MLB

2021 MLB Season Will Likely Be A Rerun | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Another MLB offseason has come and gone with teams eager to open their spring training camps in the coming days. Sadly, for many fans, it’s clear the haves and the have-nots are pretty much the same in 2021 as they have been in recent years, with few new teams joining the list of contenders in a sport that has reported losses due to the pandemic. That means Major League Baseball will offer few exciting new stories this year, and it’s likely the 2021 MLB season will feel like a rerun to fans as they watch the same players over and over again.

A look at the betting odds for who will win each of the American League’s three divisions sees the Athletics, White Sox and Yankees favored, while in the National League it is the Cardinals and Dodgers joined by both the Atlanta and the Mets are teams that are expected for fly a banner as divisional champions.

With few up and coming teams like San Diego and Toronto joining teams like the LA Angels, Houston Tampa Bay and Washington, it’s easy to see the group of teams that will be fighting for 2021 playoff berths, while almost everyone else looks to save money by playing young cheaper players and build their organizations for future seasons in the draft.

This era of the haves and the have-nots indicates two bad things about the business of baseball: First, the league clearly over-expanded with too many teams watering down the talent pool, the same talent pool Major League Baseball has allowed to evaporate over the years as they have lost so many players to basketball and football.

Second, teams are encouraged to either go for it all in small windows of opportunity or break their entire franchise down to save money while still collecting what they can from big market teams and the luxury taxes they pay along with the huge television contracts that keeps them in business. That leaves us with franchises like Baltimore, Colorado, Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Texas who are just going through the motions this year in the hopes of making that one big trade for a young star a contender is willing to give up in order to take a run at this year’s World Series.

Baseball, like every sport, will always have fans since it will always be on television. Sadly, the business of baseball is not willing to do what it needs to do to save the sport of baseball, which is clearly remove teams from markets that can no longer support them and allow their good players to join better franchises to find success on and off the field. The result is that the bottom third of the league is serving as developmental squads for the top third of the league, with the middle third deciding which group they want to join from year to year.

What we are seeing in Major League Baseball circa 2021 is the legacy of generations of greed and short-sided thinking that gave us too many teams, not enough good owners who care about winning first, and a sport that succeeds in spite of itself. 

Am I looking forward to seeing baseball again in this spring?  Of course, but not nearly as much as I should thanks to what those who run the game have done to run the business of baseball into the ground. Perhaps I will be wrong, but don’t you think, more or less, we already know who’s making the 2021 MLB Playoffs? 


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2021 MLB Season Will Likely Be A Rerun | ToopAthletic.com

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