19 Celebrities People Think Are The Cringiest

“I don’t wanna hate on them for being mistreated by Disney and their subsequent mental health and substance abuse problems, but I didn’t like them from the very beginning. Like back in the Disney Channel days. Cringe actor, and their music’s just not good, which is sad because they have an incredible voice, but they’re just wasting it on making shit music.”


When you start singing to ghosts who ‘suffered from sexism’ that makes me leans to the side of attention-grabbing virtue signaling.


“Recently saw a headline that said “Demi Lovato Serenades ‘Ghost’ Who Faced Trauma From Sexism, Receives ‘Floating’ Ovation” and I could not believe it was real. They make other people who actually suffer from these problems look like absolute fools.


Source: BuzzFeed – Celebrity

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