18 Times Dionne Warwick Was The Queen Of Twitter

“I came to Twert a friend.”

You probably know Dionne Warwick from her expansive career as an acclaimed singer, actor, TV host, and former goodwill ambassador.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images

But did you know that she is also the queen of Twitter? Here are just a few times Ms. Warwick has tweeted her way into our hearts.


When she gave us nothing but honesty:

I ate an entire bag of Quaker Butter Popcorn Rice Crisps the other day. I twote this for those wondering how the pandemic is going for me.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick


When she wasn’t afraid to call people out:

Instead of promoting my next project I am going to film myself on tour… to your Parents and Grandparents homes where I will read them your tweets.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick


When she made this astute observation:

I am convinced that a location scout has to come to your home and make sure your filled bookcase is smart-looking before you can be on the news.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick


When she was tired of our nonsense:

I just asked my team what the “buss it” challenge was. Why are you asking me to do that? Don’t make me delete TikTok before I even start. ?

Twitter: @dionnewarwick


When she gave us this reminder:

Yes, a millennial taught me to Tweet…but just remember that I threw that same millennial’s baby shower. I’ve been around a while. Auntie knows a thing or two.

Twitter: @dionnewarwick

We love you, Dionne! Keep bringing joy to our Twitter feeds!

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