120,000 People Marched At The Women’s March And TV Networks Provided No Live Coverage

120,000 Americans marched for abortion rights across the US, but the television networks provided no coverage of the march and speeches.

Women’s March organizers said that 120,000 people marched on Saturday:

If you wanted to watch the march on your favorite television network, it wasn’t there. The networks acknowledged the march. They did live reports roughly once an hour, at least on MSNBC and CNN, but they didn’t dedicate any airtime to allowing people to watch the march.

The lack of coverage was noticed:

Here is some of the uplifting scene that the media didn’t think was fit for live coverage.

Women marching for the right to control their own bodies was deemed not newsworthy enough for live coverage, but four pro-sedition Donald Trump supporters could sneeze outside of the Capitol, and hundreds of reporters show up.

The American people showed up to send a message to our leaders. The message is significant and vital to the freedom of a majority of our population. It is too bad that decision-makers in the corporate press did not feel the same way.



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