10 Laugh Out Loud Roy Williams Memes

Roy Williams

10 Laugh Out Loud Roy Williams Memes | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

Roy Williams Memes

Can you believe it? Roy Williams is no longer the coach at UNC. End of an era. I think Coach K is next, because he was only holding out to prove he can coach longer than Williams. Honestly, I think Roy Williams has been coaching longer than Coach K, because I truly believe Coach K at Duke is basically a Joe Paterno type of situation at this point. He’s old as hell and I swear he doesn’t do anything anymore. He just shows up, and watches the game. But you know who was still coaching? Coach Roy Williams. This guy is definitely going to go down as one college basketball basketball’s greatest and he should be immortalized. And how do we do that here at TooAthletic? Through memes. Here are 10 laugh out loud Roy Williams memes. Enjoy! 

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