10 Greatest NBA Careers Ruined By Injuries

10 Greatest NBA Careers Ruined By Injuries | Sports Takes & News | TooAthletic.com

If I had a magic wand or if the Genie from Aladdin could grant me any wish, I would do the sports world a favor and wish that there was never another sports injury again. I mean think about it, how many careers, seasons, and in some cases, single games were ruined by injuries. Not to mention sports fans fantasy teams seasons being ruined as well, right?

Ok, maybe you don’t give a damn about my sports fantasy season, but you you get what I’m saying.

Throughout sports history, fans have been robbed of watching truly great athletes perform due to injuries. And it fucking SUCKS. The video below that I found goes through the 10 greatest NBA playing careers that were ruined by injuries. It gives you the ultimate “WHAT IF” these athletes never got hurt.

Man, things just might have been a little different. Enjoy! 


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10 Greatest NBA Careers Ruined By Injuries | TooAthletic.com

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