10 Famous Acting Duo Stories

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Sarah Paulson and Cate Blanchett first met while filming the 2015 movie Carol, bonding immediately and becoming fast friends. Initially, Paulson was nervous to work with the two-time Academy Award winner, but Blanchett felt at ease, claiming: “[Sarah’s] one of those people in the industry who everyone loves, and [her] reputation just preceded [her].” The two actors would work together again in 2018’s Ocean’s 8 and FX/Hulu’s 2020 miniseries Mrs. America.

While promoting Mrs. America in 2020, Paulson did a Q&A with The Cut and revealed the joy she felt working with Blanchett for a third time. Like projects before, the two actors had a difficult time getting through scenes together, constantly laughing and joking around. Paulson said: “I obviously have so much respect for [Cate], and she’s such a wonderful person and extraordinarily present scene partner. The thing people don’t really know about her is that she’s really the most fun — [it’s true] she’s ‘Cate the Great,’ but man, the number of takes we blew laughing? There’s no one funnier.” Paulson constantly poked fun at Blanchett’s Mrs. America character, and Blanchett jokingly responding with: “Oh God, things were going so well before you got here, and now I have to worry that you’re going to make fun of me every five seconds!”

In an Instagram takeover for W Magazine in 2020, Blanchett recalled her favorite memory of working with acting partner Paulson: “During Carol, there was a moment where we were having a martini together in a bar, and the wonderful props guy said: ‘Do you wanna go hot?’,” Blanchett recalled. “So, we went ‘hot,’ [and] we learned that the alcohol would be real alcohol. I was really — [there] was no acting required. [laughing] It was bad.”

Source: BuzzFeed – Celebrity

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